Dell Technologies Film screengrab
Dell Technologies

Rebrand Commercial UK/US

Produced by the agency Home

Winner of 2x Global Trend video awards 2017 including one for Cinematography
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Brent Butane promo screengrab
Brent Butane

Bell Car Insurance commercial shot at The Bottleyard Studios, Bristol

Produced by Aspect Film & Video
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The Place Of My Birth screengrab
The Place of my Birth - Short Film

Written & Directed by Matt Harris-Freeth for the SciFi London 48hr Film Challenge

Winner of RTS Award for 'Best Short' 2017

Selected for numerous short film festivals worldwide
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Patient Protection TCV screengrab
Patient Protection

Commercial for Happy Hour Productions
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Kikamora - 'Wrong Place, Right Time' Music Video

Directed by Noomi Yates, edited by Joshua Gaunt and featuring Cleopantha
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'Cherry' by Shunk Films

Written by Jaleelah Galbraith and directed by Paul Holbrook - A 6 minute continuous take of an unusual monologue
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I Am The Whale screengrab
'I Am The Whale' by Izzy Ripley

A short film for the Random Acts 'First Acts' Channel 4 scheme that supports new and experimental young filmmakers to make their first films
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Black Moth Moonbow screengrab
Black Moth - 'Moonbow' Music Video

Multilayered psychedelic & colourful, all shot in studio with in-camera lighting and projection effects
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Dr Shini Somara Dyson Challenge screengrab
James Dyson Foundation - Challenge Cards

A series of 6 films presented by Dr Shini Somara alongside Dyson Engineers showing how exciting and creative engineering can be
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Still Horror Short screengrab
'Still' - Horror Short

Written and Directed by Oliver Park & exclusively premiered on Eli Roth's Crypt TV YouTube Channel, where it has now reached over 640,000 views

Not for the faint-hearted!
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Mitie WSHS documentary screengrab
Paul's Story

A short documentary about how a lapse in concentration can be life-changing for you and your family, forever

JS Productions for Mitie
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Ebay Epic Star Wars Build photo
eBay Epic Star Wars Build

Featuring Colin Furze & X Robots

Multicamera shoot covering an extraordinary build and a big surprise for a lucky group of young Star Wars fans

The night-time lighting was all my own work!
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Sing! Download Promo screengrab
Sing! Download promo for NBC Universal

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Residue Random Acts Film screengrab
Random Acts - First Acts 'Residue' by Sookie Greene

This experimental short fuses dance and animation to show how trauma can cause someone to dissociate from the world
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Samsung S7 Edge infomercial screengrab
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge on EE

Infomercial mixing studio and live action elements
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Mitie WSHS Film screengrab from The Shock
'The Shock'

Part of the 'Work Safe Home Safe' drama series for Mitie

Series 2, Episode 1
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AFC Great Dinners of the World chef photo
Great Dinners of the World

6x 1hr series shot on location all over Europe for the Asian Food Channel

Winner of Best Entertainment Show at the Asia TV & Film Festival
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Mitie WSHS film screengrab from Penalty

Part of the 'Work Safe Home Safe' drama series for Mitie

Series 1, Episode 3

Winner of RTS Award for 'Best Short' 2016
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